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The use of computers

heroes_and_villainsComputer are the new media of the pop culture, from exhibitions to performances, from the foreground to the screen. The art from the static to the dynamic performances, the extensive use of computer special effects to create a new Visual earthquake to shake the effects. For example, many of the traditional special effects in movies have to spend quite a lot of people to make it, spending time and money making models and props, and go through the complex splicing process to be finished. Now, due to the rapid development of computer hardware and software, special effects can easily be made by computer  , it also can be virtual more complex changes.it’s difficult to imagine, but it’s the depth and breadth of artists also make general difficult to understand and accept, therefore, to strengthen computer ,the teaching of art is a matter of urgency.Cultural production is a kind of variation, of which the traditional form of the experiments in mixed media, and photography.All the movies and television began to penetrate into the visual arts works when the dominated them with the mixture to produce a variety of high-tech art from the device to the computer art. Therefore, the computer application to art and culture has been the trend of the times, will To be added to the response to promote.

How Popular Culture is Making Us Smarter

-In order to take an analysis overview, as he has tried to do, of media culture, you can’t just take your sample materials from the controlled opposition approved by the biggest commercial benefactors of that media culture. If he were less absorbed in nothing but his beloved mass commercial culture, he would not make this foolish mistake. Ironically, Sleeper was about a society where modern pop sensibilities spread to all aspects of life, and he is an example of that coming to fruition.

Cultural industry


The concept of “cultural industries” in 1947 by the French scholar, has a relative important ideas, even after the global economic crisis, the countries of the world did not dare large culture as a means to revive the economy, instead of the previous economic development support for cultural force advocated, Chen rot look at the law. “Pop culture” is the star of the culture industry, because it can be copied,Popular and, therefore, the output value of large, general attention and advocacy by the advanced countries. U.S., Britain ,States, France, Australia, Japan and other countries have invested a lot of money from the entertainment, education,Concerning the problem of the tourism, culture, art, and a considerable number of foreign exchange earned annually injected into the flowing water for the plight of the economic downturn.

In the United States, for example, the total output of the whole culture industry output value of the country’s total second only
Times made aircraft manufacturing industry. Movie for example, the first round of the blockbusters in the global electric
Theater these synchronous mapping, second round replay on cable, third wheel can also sell tapes
Or CD chip market stall selling. No wonder that has always stressed that the protection of intellectual property rights, and not hesitate to use
301 Act sanctions trade country.
Chinese living in the general population, electricity, water, gas bills, phone bills, to the most
Near cable TV fees, Internet fees, cultural and industrial products, consumer increasing, is a
Very good proof.
In addition, the role of the traditional arts in the culture industry and not pop culture match
The enemy, but the popularity of the traditional art, traditional art through a large number of replication cultural industry
The way, not only can achieve the purpose of cultural preservation, but also can generate considerable profits.
For example, monuments, antiquities preservation, with the tourism industry to promote is a good example.

A large amount of production, the large amount of consumption

Due to the dominant popular culture of capitalism through organized brokerage firm
Nurturing artists, moderate use of the media packaging and publicity through industrial mass production, and then
By a large number of commercial means of marketing, its price compared to the traditional art is not only inexpensive, but also welcome
Aggregate demand in the market, the formation of mass production, mass consumption characteristics. U.S. electrical Hollywood
Shadow is in the process of shooting the Chinese funds invested unprecedented shooting scale
Huge movies (blockbuster), but after a lot of production, replication with the rest of the world
Marketing, its recovery is often several times investment. Film such as this, TV programs, computer Tour
Opera Software, CD album, the best-selling book, animation, etc.

Reusable compulsory

I think popular culture can be a large number of complex.
Due to advances in technology, the speed of copying
Not only growing fast, and the price is getting cheaper and increasingly easy. Such as Biography
Traditional printmaking must go through a number of chromatic and printed to complete, while the modern computer studies
Burn or output of the technology, not only convenient than traditional replication cheap and fast, and even
can be downloaded from the Internet, but also to accelerate the popularity of the circulation and appreciation of pop culture. Delicate arts
Surgery can not be replicated because of its single characteristic, although it is  noble, but only by a small number of people to enjoy.